Coming to Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill is enjoying a "boom time" for new businesses. This has been a surprise to some but not to the few visionaries who could see an opportunity when it presents it's self.

FACT: Capitol Hill is only a 4 1/2 minute drive from downtown Oklahoma City.
FACT: Prices for building lots are a bargain.
FACT: There is much more room for expansion in Capitol Hill than there is in any other area near downtown OKC.
FACT: New construction causes far less interruption of traffic and services than it does in any other expansion area near downtown OKC.

Marriott has announced it's intention of building 2 new "Garden Hotels" with views of the river.

NetJets has announced the building of a "helipad" to transport business people from downtown OKC to their facilities at Wiley Post Airport.

The new Capitol Hill Hard Rock Cafe is nearly completed and they have announced their Grand Opening.

Please check the RESTAURANTS section of this site for more information.

The New Sonic Building


The New Sonic HQ has Grand Opening

Sonic Industries, the drive in restaurant giant of the United States, had the grand opening of their new world HQ building in Capitol Hill.

This new state of the art building not only has penthouse offices that have magnificent views of the park areas built around the Oklahoma River, but it also has a "concept" drive-in restaurant built around it's base. Now Sonic can "try-out" any new concepts on their Oklahoma City clientele.

More New Businesses are Moving In.

Capitol Hill now has hotels, restaurants and many other artistic business moving into our area.  Holiday Inn has broken ground for a new Express Motel and Tom Ito will soon be opening Blue Sushi on 25th Street. Mr Ito already has a successful sushi bar in Dallas and he said that after looking at the growth opportunities in Oklahoma City, the Capitol Hill area is a perfect location for their second restaurant.

The graphics art firm of Bernard & Lally are moving their offices and studios to Capitol Hill from downtown Oklahoma City. Max Bernard, managing partner, said they will be buying a building which is something they could not afford to do in their present location.

MoAnimo, the animation company that has recently signed contracts with Pixar for 2 upcoming movies is also moving to Capitol Hill. The president, Ben Tarelton, said the location of Capitol Hill and the ease with which his employees can not only get to work, but also be able us the Skate Board park, the running trails and the tennis courts makes Capitol Hill the perfect location to create a well rounded work environment.

Sonic's new HQ is the beginning of the new Capitol Hill skyline

View of the river from the new Sonic building

The Blue Sushi Bar

The Grand Opening is scheduled for January so make plans to attend. It is a different kind of sushi bar. The Executive Chef will be Umi San Soo, a classically trained sushi chef but he is also known for his own unique and special flair,

Blue Sushi also has a special room for large groups and parties.

  Please read this site disclaimer      This site is a "fantasy" site.  This means that nothing announced on this site is true.
The site is being used to illustrate what the future of Capitol Hill could be if people
would come back to the area and build businesses.