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Ramajama Recording is a state of the art recording facility, giving the artist the best of both worlds with analog and digital recording.  They have some of the best session artists in town and have layed down some righteous tracks for jazz, country and hip hop.

Few recording studios have the pedigree of Ramajama, where legendary local and national artists have benefited from their audio engineering and music production skills.

Capitol Hill Now Has 5 Recording Studios

One of the goals Capitol Hill started out with was to become the Music Center of Oklahoma City. With five recording studios and the big Southern Legends Hall Of Fame Museum, that goal has been reached and surpassed.

In addition, many well known recording artists have found the Capitol Hill area to easily accessible from all over the united states and that we have some of the most talented musician, singers, arrangers and producers in the U.S.

This Year's Annual Rockin' Reunion A Success

With over 80,000 people attending this year's Rockin' Reunion we have had the biggest success yet.

Of course when you have super stars like Fat's Domino, Brenda Lee, Toby Keith and Tanya Tucker appearing on the main stage then you are going to draw a large crowd,

The outdoor river side music stadium built two years ago was just barely large enough to hold all of the attendees. But every one seemed to have a good time.

It seems to get more and more difficult to out do the previous year's Rockin' Reunion but Corner Booth Productions has been able to put together a bigger and better show each year. Keep it up guys!

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